mobility training.

STRETCHES & EXERCISES inspired by Calisthenics, Yoga and FRC® - a new, comprehensive training system based on scientific principles and research.


THURSDAYs 18:30 -- SUNDAYs 08:30


+ Release stiffness and move more freely.

+ Build internal strength and safeguard your joints.  

+ Surf smoothly, with more control and ease. 


EVERYONE CAN JOIN. Sessions are designed for surfers, however, releasing physical tension & pain in the back, shoulders and neck and learning how to move more freely feels great for everyone.


DANIEL SCHUDT is a certified FRC® mobility trainer, massage therapist and yoga instructor. With more than 16 years of teaching experience he guides everyone in class to perform the exercises safely and with the most beneficial outcome. Daniel is a passionate surfer himself and teaches in a fun, workshop-style format. Classes are available in english & german. 


EXCHANGE. Offered in a sliding scale format from 10 Euro - 12,50 Euro - 15 Euro, inviting everyone to choose from their genuine capacity to pay.


BOOK A SPOT IN CLASS. Message Daniel at +351969139951 (sms/whatsapp/telegram). Pre-booking is essential - maximum 8 participants per class.


PERSONAL TRAINING for individuals and small groups is available (send an enquiry).    

FRC® - Functional Range Conditioning improves articular strength and neurological control. We extend our range of motion by combining specific stretches with isometric contraction, conditioning the body to control / actively move through the full range. This allows for genuine mobility and internal strength which has countless benefits for athleticism and injury mitigation. Plus: The body simply feels amazing after the training! 


Sample content of the Surf Mobility Training: 

* A warm-up routine including rotational movements for the joints (CARS®), priming the deep tissue, improving proprioception and mobility. Fascia release techniques with tennis ball / blackroll.  

* A dynamic yoga/calisthenics sequence of exercises building 360 degree core-strength, integrating hips, legs and shoulders with direct carry-over to surfing.

* Slow yet strong FRC® mobility drills with long-held stretches combined with isometric contractions in order to extend and control range of motion.

* A short guided relaxation at the end.