Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs).

The CARs Routine. If you wish to maintain & extend your mobility in the long run, want to prepare your joints for any kind of sports or daily life activity then the CARs routine is for your joints, what brushing your teeth daily is for your dental health. The video contains an introduction with background info and then the practice of the full morning routine (8-12 min.). At the Dawn Collective Shala CAR´s are taught by Daniel in his Essential classes and participants have also enjoyed the benefits a lot on many of our yoga workshops & retreats. 


A series of exercises to release lower back tension & pain.

"Heel Slide" - a gentle mobilization of lower spine, SI Joint and hips.

* Lay down on your back, hands interlaced behind your head.

* Feet are hip-width apart and gently flexed

* Whole body as relaxed as possible, especially legs, pelvis, pelvic floor and hips

* Slide your heels super slowly in and out.

* 5 - 10 times each side


"Knees to chest" - a save & soft single leg forward bend:

* Take hold of one knee and with the exhalation bring the knee into the chest, only a far as it feels comfortable for the lower back.

* On inhalation stretch the leg back out on the mat and grab the other leg

* 5 - 10 times each side

* if closing angle pinch in the hip / groin guide the knee further outside towards the armpit

* Slowly draw circles with the knees

* Try to relax legs and hips completely and let the arms do all the work

* Extend the lower spine and let knees drop out to the side to allow inner thighs to release

"Windscreen wiper" - mobilizing SI joints, lumbar spine & psoas:

* Place both feet at the outer edges of the mat, about one hand away from buttocks

* Feet at about 45 degrees angle

* slowly bring both knees to either side, eventually letting knees drop down by gravity

* Leave knees on right side, bring left arm up & back and reach, 

* intensify stretch on the outside of the left hip by placing right foot on top of the left knee.

* guiding the breath into the left part of the chest 

"deep lunge" - releasing tension in the psoas muscle, a big player in lower back problems. 

* Tail bone & pubic bone both leading downwards avoiding lumbar over-extension, navigating the stretch into the front of thigh & hip.

* raising the opposite arm and gently leaning over to adress the upper part of the psoas.

* hold it for 2 minutes or longer.

"T-Ball Massage". Using a tennisball or in this case 2 balls in a sock to release tension in the lumbar fascia. This can be intense and can feel amazing and it certainly works magic to release acute lower back pain: 

* aim for the tissue just below the outer edges of the hip / iliacrest, (gluteus med. & tfl)

* carefully navigate some bodyweight into it and move around

* Find a sweet spot, genuinely invite the ball into the tissue. Stay and soften your breath.