surf mobility & strength training.


4-WEEK INTENSIVE COURSE (4 SUNDAYS at 09:30). Next one starting June 6th. 


Functional exercises and stretches that will effectively improve your flexibility and develop integrated core strength - for a healthy, strong and pain-free back, free yet stable shoulders & neck, for mobile & powerful hips and legs.


All mobility & strength sequences have been designed for surfers to improve paddling, pop-up & waveriding including the best warm-ups and aftersurf stretches. Still EVERYONE CAN JOIN and will benefit from loosening up and strengthening the body - you´ll walk out of the class feeling great no matter if you usually surf or not, what age or fitness level you are currently at.


With more than 15 years of experience in teaching movement classes, his background-knowledge as a massage therapist and being a passionate surfer himself Daniel Schudt guides everyone in class to perform the exercises correctly & safely for the most beneficial outcome: Better body awareness, control & balance, improved athletic performance and injury prevention, overall joint health and longevity. He teaches in a fun, informal and workshop-style format so we´ll sweat and can have a laugh.


Each session consists of:

* A Warm-up routine including powerful rotational movements for the joints (CARS®), conditioning the deep tissue, improving proprioception and mobility. 

* A dynamic Yoga / Calisthenics (bodyweight) workout to get the juices flowing, building endurace and strength in the abs, back, legs and shoulders with direct carry-over to surfing.

* Slow-down mobility drills where long-held stretches are combined with isometric contractions in order to extend and control range of motion (FRC® / KINSTRETCH®).

* A short guided relaxation at the end.


Exchange - offered in a sliding scale format: Open classes from 8 Euro - 12 Euro - 16 Euro and the 4-week course (including 4 sessions) from 40 Euro - 50 euro - 60 euro. We trust everyone chooses from their genuine capacity to pay. 


Book your spot / ask questions: E-Mail or message Daniel at +351969139951 (sms/whatsapp/telegram). The number of participants is limited to 6 due to COVID19 regulations. Pre-booking your spot is essential.