The Dawn Collective Shala is a place to slow down, breathe and simply be.


We believe health is a recognition of balance, pleasure and self-care. An appreciation of natural cycles & attuning ourselves to them. At the Dawn Collective Shala we offer traditional practices with a contemporary touch to relax & strenghten the body, calm the mind & untie the nots around our hearts.


Join us for open yoga classes, mysore intensive weeks, holistic massage treatments,  community yoga & privates as well as workshops and courses with local and internationally renowned guest teachers about ashtanga yoga, meditation, singing, wholesome food and conscious living.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a treatment, a private yoga session or join the ashtanga mysore intensive program. We are located here - between Arrifana & Vale da Telha, Sector B.


A pass of 4 classes = 40 €. A pass of 8 classes = 68 €. A single class/Drop-in = 14 €.

ASHTANGA MYSORE STYLE. Here it´s all about you: We will focus on the development of your personal yoga practice where you are moving along at your own pace, weaving breath & movement into a smooth, meditative flow. This unique method allows individualized attention with step-by-step instructions & sensitive hands-on-support. We recommend a 1-month commitment to start your individual yoga journey. Visiting Mysore practitioners are always welcome for Drop-In.


HATHA YOGA. Jana unpacks her favourite feel good warm-ups, alignment based yoga postures and sweet restoratives - a gentle journey into your body & breath. Experience movement & meditation in a way that simply feels good and allows you to surrender and release tension.


FLOW YOGA. Playful, supported by music and in harmony with our breath we explore and extend our strength and flexibility - a practice to open up and to completely relax. Depending on the mood of the day, the classes will be more up-beat or a slow-flow.


ESSENTIALS. Functional exercises and easy yoga stretches to improve your mobility & core strength for  a healthy lower back, shoulders and other key areas of the body - perfect for surfers and anyone who likes to explore techniques that help us to move freely and without pain in the long run.


BREATHWORK & MEDITATION. Step-by-step introduction to yogic breathing & easy to follow guided meditations - calming the mind, increasing and balancing your energy level. Payment by donation.


All our treatments assist your physical health by encouraging the body's natural healing capacity and allow for a feeling of genuine well-being.


DANIEL SCHUDT is a certified Massage Therapist with more than 15 years of experience in holistic bodywork. According to your wishes and needs he can work specifically on any acute or chronic structural imbalance as well as create space for deep relaxation.


THERAPEUTIC: Deep tissue sportsmassage, trigger points, acupressure & yoga- stretches effectively dissolving tension & pain and improving your mobility.


RELAXING: A unique flow of massage techniques, gentle stretches and energy-work rejuvinating the body and allowing for a peaceful state of No-Mind.


60 min. treatment = 50 €. 90 min. treatment = 75 €.


FOR BOOKINGS & QUESTIONS please text/call Daniel

+351 969 139 951 (whatsapp) or +49 173 187 3822.