We are open for massage treatmentssmall group yoga sessions & Personal Training. 


   ** due to COVID19 regulations we can not offer open group classes yet **

The Dawn Collective Shala is a new yoga studio in Arrifana / Aljezur, on Portugal´s beautiful southwest coast. A place to breathe, sense and simply be. Join us for yoga & meditation courses, functional mobility training and Ashtanga Yoga Mysore practice, therapeutic & holistic massage treatments, privates as well as workshops and trainings with local & internationally renowned teachers who share their love for movement, meditation, singing, wholesome food and conscious living.


We believe health is a recognition of balance, learning, pleasure & self-care - an appreciation of natural cycles & attuning ourselves to them. At the Dawn Collective Yoga Shala we offer traditional practices with a contemporary touch to relax & strengthen the body, calm the mind & untie the knots around our hearts. You find our yoga studio close to Arrifana beach, in Vale da Telha´s Sector B, Portugal: Google-maps.

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