massage treatments.

Book in for a therapeutic massage to ease muscle tension & pain or enjoy a deeply relaxing, holistic treatment. Sessions are between around 70 € per hour, 40 eur for 35 min. 


If you are a resident of the area and your financial situation is holding you back from booking a session please talk to us - we are trying to be as inclusive as we possibly can!


To make a booking please message the therapist (whatsapp / sms / Telegram):

MASSAGE with Daniel // +351 969 139 951. 


Deep tissue massage, acupressure & thai-yoga stretches are combined to effectively release muscle tension & pain. With 10+ years of experience, anatomical knowledge and intuitive touch Daniel can work specifically on your shoulders, neck or lower back while creating a space for deep relaxation.


After the session you will feel rejuvinated & balanced, enjoying more mobility. And by prescribing individualized exercise- and streching sequences your healing process can be supported. 


Daniel Schudt is the founder of the Dawn Collective Shala - a massage therapist, mobility trainer & yoga instructor. Find out more about his work: 

TREATMENTS with Klaudia //  +48 662 647 306.


Deep tissue massage. This treatment relieves muscle tension, improves posture, regulates biorhythms and improves circulation of blood and lymph while being deeply relaxing at the same time. It’s perfect if you need to destress and bring some ease into your sore body. 


Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist therapy that focuses primarily on the abdominal area and enhances deep organ detoxification. This treatment alleviates digestive issues, relieves menstrual cramps, reduces back pain, decreases stress, enhances circulation, improve energy flow and increases body awareness.


Find out more about Klaudia Kwoka on her Instagram: into.being

MYOFASCIAL MERIDIAN MASSAGE with Zerina // +34 602 49 21 73


Combining fascia release techniques with deep tissue, acupressure and trigger point therapy this is a powerful approach for pain relief as well as emotional & energetic release. This massage method is derived from the Anatomy Trains model by Tom Myers which was inspired by Ida Rolf's Rolfing and Structural Integration techniques.

In Zerina’s treatments, your energetic pathways (meridians) are liberated by freeing tension from your fascia. This can cause great emotional & energetic releases. With your participation through breath-work and an openness to let go and surrender you become empowered and part of the healing process. 

Learn more about Zerina Karup and her work: