massage and holistic treatments.

Massage Therapy with Daniel.


Effectively dissolving tension & pain with sportsmassage, trigger point therapy, fascia- and jointrelease techniques. 


Individualized exercise sequences to support the healing process and to improve mobility and strength. 


Daniel Schudt is a certified massage therapist, mobility coach & yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience in holistic bodywork. After a thorough assessment he can work specifically on any acute or chronic condition like for example lower back pain, shoulder or neck. 


For bookings and questions please message: +351 969 139 951.

Massage with Thais.

For bookings please contact Thais +351 918 740 822.


A restorative massage with Thais will relax your body and calm your mind. Using high quality organic vegetal massage oils as well as specific essential oils she will release muscle tension, reduce physical pains and mental stress. 



Thais Dalla Zanna has been working as a massage therapist for more than a decade. Her background and experience in health & well-being is based on her studies at the Brazilian Institute of Therapies, her bachelor CUSC in Nutrition & Dietetics and her work as a certified yoga teacher.  


TUI NA Massage, Gua Sha body & facial Massage and Cupping Therapy with Nura. 


Nura´s treatments effectively help to remove blockages, deep tension and chronic pain by improving the flow of Qi and the Blood in the body. They also reduce inflammatory processes and will balance your thoughts and emotions.   


Nura Badiu is a certified Tradional Chinese Medicine therapist who appreciates the healing process of the body. The art of healing became a way of living and understanding life itself. With joy and love she is at service to treat the root cause of illnesses.


For more information & bookings please contact Nura +351 910 716 255.


Swedish Massage with Marike.

For bookings please contact Marike: +351 962 064 707.



Swedish Massage is using various techniques to loosen up soft body tissues and facilitate healing. Depending on the client´s objectives the treatment can be slow, gentle and very relaxing or rather strong, deep and therapeutical.



Marike Borst is a certified Swedish Massage Therapist and offers a range of different treatments. To provide the best possible and individualized service she offers an initial assessment as well as after care tips & tricks to improve health & postural alignment.