massage treatments.

Treatments and Personal Training with Daniel.

For bookings please send a message to +351 969 139 951 (whatsapp).


Sportsmassage. Deep tissue work and Fascia Release. Trigger points. Acupressure. Effectively dissolving tension & pain.


Customized training sequences to improve your strength and mobility - supporting the healing process after a treatment or your personal goals in physical well-being & athletic performance. 


Daniel Schudt is a certified massage therapist, mobility coach & yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience in holistic bodywork. After a thorough assessment he can work specifically on any acute or chronic condition like for example lower back pain, shoulder or neck.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Regina.

For bookings please contact Regina: +351 925 081 141 (whatsapp)


A gentle hands-on healing practice supporting your body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself through light non-invasive touch. From a deep state of relaxation nerve paths & structural restrictions can be freed and long held physical & emotional tension can be gently released allowing the body to transform itself back to its natural state of health, wholeness and clarity. A feeling of being truly heard and seen is a common experience in a session.


Regina Ehlers completed the 2 year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training at CTET in London. After 25 years teaching yoga she has found this very subtle yet profound work to be the perfect complement to explore & learn more about our human embodied nature & it´s connection to a source that we all know to be somewhere deep within.

Swedish Massage with Marike.

For bookings please contact Marike:+351 962 064 707 (whatsapp)



Swedish Massage is using various techniques to loosen up soft body tissues and facilitate healing. Depending on the client´s objectives the treatment can be slow, gentle and very relaxing or rather strong, deep and therapeutical.



Marike Borst is a certified Swedish Massage Therapist and offers a range of different treatments. To provide the best possible and individualized service she offers an initial assessment as well as after care tips & tricks to improve health & postural alignment.  


Massage with Thais.

For bookings please contact Thais +351 918 740 822 (whatsapp)


A restorative massage with Thais will relax your body and calm your mind. Using high quality organic vegetal massage oils as well as specific essential oils she will release muscle tension, reduce physical pains and mental stress. 


Thais Dalla Zanna has been working as a massage therapist for more than a decade. Her background and experience in health & well-being is based on her studies at the Brazilian Institute of Therapies, her bachelor CUSC in Nutrition & Dietetics and her work as a certified yoga teacher.  


Thai Massage with Cosima.

For bookings please contact Cosima: +351 920 106 020 (whatsapp)


Thai Massage is an ancient healing technique practiced in comfortable clothes on a futon on the ground. Through working with the physical structure as well as the “nadis” (energy lines), it can cure various conditions and promote general wellbeing and health, increasing mobility and fluid circulation. In a regular treatment, the whole body will be moved, stretched and touched with loving kindness. 


Cosima Julia Bachler has practiced and studied several types of bodywork for ten years. Her approach is gentle yet firm and uniquely personalised for each receiver. Bodywork has become her lifestyle and you can feel  her care to continue the lineage of regarding healing touch as a form of offering and meditation.

Cranial Biodynamics with Conni.

For bookings please contact Conni: +49 173 259 8668 (whatsapp)


Listening – Reflecting - Stillness. Cranial Biodynamics is a gentle yet profound & non-invasive hands-on process, working with all systems of the body on a physical and psychological level. The light and tranquil touch may influence the body’s innate capacity for change and transformation.


Conni Boehm is in continual Cranial Biodynamics study with Rosemary Wallace, practicing since 2015 and travelling with her as a teaching assistant around the globe. With Aquatic Bodywork and Interspecies Communication she is exploring body intelligence on many different levels.