yoga classes.

Please book your spot (whatsapp or sms).

MYSORE-BASED SELFPRACTICE mondays, thursday: Regina +351 925 081 141 (portuguese, english & german)

MYSORE-BASED SELFPRACTICE wednesday: Annette +49 172 4468015 (english & german)

VINYASA YOGA with Catarina Silva: +351 967 909 174 (portuguese & english)

YIN YOGA with Mieke +31 628 024 251 (spanish, english & dutch)

VINYASA YOGA with Cosima +351 920 106 020 (english & german)

PREGNANCY YOGA with Catarina Ferreira: +351 919 571 809 (portuguese & english)

Class descriptions.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA with Catarina. An inspiring flow of movement & breath, a mindful dance of the body and also an energetic experience, where you connect with a deeper awareness of your physical presence. Everyone is welcome, also complete beginners.

YIN YOGA with Mieke. A gentle, slow & mindful practice. Look forward to softly release tension in all tissues in order to let go, relax and recharge. While observing & stretching the body you also improve self-awareness, calm down the nervous system and of course increase your flexibility. A treat for body & mind. Suitable for all levels!

MYSORE-BASED SELFPRACTICE with Regina & AnnetteThese classes are suitable for everyone from a beginner wishing to build an individual self-practice with support from experienced teachers to a seasoned Mysore Style or Vinyasa Yoga practitioner/teacher. You will be guided step by step to develop your personal sequence including posture, breath, awareness and meditation. The practice will enhance your overall wellbeing and improve strength, stamina and flexibility. It will leave you energised yet calm - allowing you to navigate through daily life with more grace, compassion & resilience.

PREGNANCY YOGA with Catarina Ferreira is designed for the physical and emotional needs of Mums-to-be and is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. These classes can help enjoy this precious time with minimal discomfort, relieving any pregnancy-related aches and pains, to cultivate breath awareness and strengthen the body in preparation for labour. It is a wonderful way to stay active during pregnancy and to feel part of a community. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards.

FOUNDATIONS with ReginaA combination of detailed alignment in asanas and embodied perception through sharp and kind focus on subtle physical inner actions that bring about immense lightness and softness when incorporated and connected throughout our body. Or put simply: learning to relax internally whilst being active and looking after our physical well being! All levels welcome.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA with Cosima. A playful, dynamic sequence of yoga postures to open up & let go. In harmony with the breath and supported by music we explore and extend our body's fluidity & strength.

ESSENTIALS with Daniel - new course starting soon. Book your personal training session with Daniel: +351 969 139 951 (whatsapp). A sequence of exercises to improve functional strength & mobility -  inspired by hatha yoga, calisthenics and therapeutic rehab. We will work on core stability for a strong and painfree back, legs, hips and shoulders and you will effectively improve your active range of motion. This workshop-style session is great fun and you´ll benefit from better body awareness & control, improved athletic performance and injury prevention.