weekly classes.

To book your spot please message:

VINYASA - Catarina +351 967 909 174 (portuguese & english).

VINYASA & HYPNOSIS - Dina +33 6 64 68 19 94 (english & french).

MYSORE/OPEN SELFPRACTICE - Regina +351 925 081 141 (portuguese, english & german).

YOGA & SOMATICS - Mary +44 7967 324783 (english)

SURF MOBILITY & STRENGTH - Daniel +351 969139951 (english & german). 

YIN YOGA - Mieke +31 628 024 251 (spanish, english & dutch).

All classes are suitable for beginners - everyone is welcome!

VINYASA YOGA with Catarina. An inspiring flow of movement & breath, a mindful dance of the body and also an energetic experience, where you connect with a deeper awareness of your physical presence. 

VINYASA & HYPNOSIS with Dina. This is a dynamic yet introspective vinyasa flow class where we build strength in a gentle way and work with an intention to support personal growth. A meditation in the beginning of each class is combined with techniques of hypnosis allowing the the physical practice to be rooted in your intention and the relaxation in the end being extra deep and rejuvinating.

MYSORE / OPEN SELFPRACTICE with ReginaThese classes are suitable for everyone from a beginner wishing to build an individual yoga practice with support from experienced teachers to a seasoned Vinyasa Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style practitioner/teacher. You will be guided step by step to develop your personal sequence including posture, breath, awareness and meditation. This practice will enhance your overall wellbeing and improve strength, stamina and flexibility. It will leave you energised yet calm - allowing you to navigate through daily life with more grace, compassion & resilience.

SURF MOBILITY & STRENGTH TRAINING with Daniel. Functional exercises and stretches that will effectively improve your flexibility and develop integrated core strength - for a healthy, strong and pain-free back, free yet stable shoulders & neck, for mobile & powerful hips and legs. Designed for Surfers and still everyone can join and will benefit from loosening up and strengthening the body - you´ll walk out of the class feeling great no matter if you usually surf or not, what age or fitness level you are currently at. In the small group Daniel guides everyone to correctly & safely do the exercises for better body awareness, control & balance, improved athletic performance and injury prevention. Inspired by FRC® (Functional Range Conditioning), Calesthenics & Yoga. Please find more details here.


Tuesdays & Thursdays 17:00 : Open class (with pre-booking).

Sundays 09:30 : 4 week course // Message Daniel for details.

YOGA AND SOMATICS with Mary. The Big Chill - including Yoga Nidra: This class provides a little time and space to feel into your body, working through a sequence of gentle postures. The movement practice is followed by a guided Yoga Nidra meditation practice. Suitable for all levels, especially those recovering from injury. (Yoga Nidra is guided meditation practice often practiced lying down to help the whole of the physical body relax and soften, so that our breathing may relax and soften, and our mind may relax and soften. It can help with sleep, general relaxation, anxiety and settling the sympathetic nervous system.)

YIN YOGA with Mieke. A gentle, slow & mindful practice. Look forward to softly release tension in all tissues in order to let go, relax and recharge. While observing & stretching the body you also improve self-awareness, calm down the nervous system and of course increase your flexibility. A treat for body & mind. Suitable for all levels!