course schedule & rates.

   ** due to COVID19 regulations we can not offer open group classes **  

To book your personal training session please contact the teacher directly.


Rates: 1 hr. Personal Training (one-on-one) 60 euro. 10 euro for each additional student. 4 students maximum. 10 % discount for a package of 3 sessions. Payment upfront. No Multibanco.


All sessions described below are suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned yogis. Due to COVID19 regulations there´s we cannot offer mats, blocks & blankets for rent.  Please bring your own. Yoga mats are also for sale at the shala. 

SHAKTI FLOW YOGA with Sarah (whatsapp +44 7825 874830). Exploring yogic movement & conscious breath, Shakti Flow awakens the primal energy of creation and brings you into a deeper connection with your inner world. Suitable for everyone, you’ll experience a liberating journey of release & reclamation.


VINYASA FLOW YOGA with Cosima (whatsapp +351 920 106 020). A playful, dynamic sequence of yoga postures to open up and let go. Suitable for everyone. In harmony with the breath, led by each in- and exhalation and supported by music we explore and extend our body's fluidity & strength and savour a deep relaxation at the end.


ASHTANGA YOGA MYSORE STYLE with Regina (whatsapp: +351 925081141). Developing your personal yoga practice. Weaving breath & movement into a meditative flow. Individualized teaching. Great for complete beginners & those with injuries/limitations. Move along at your own pace and learn a sequence of postures according to your ability and readiness. All students will be individually guided with step-by-step instructions and sensitive hands-on-adjustments. Look forward to feel more energised, focused and calm while improving strength, stamina and flexibility.


ESSENTIALS / FUNCTIONAL MOBILITY TRAINING with Daniel (whatsapp: +351 969139951). Inspired by FRC® & Kinstretch®, calisthenics and yoga. After a warmup, focussing on healthy, stable joints a dynamic bodyweight workout will strengthen core, back, legsand shoulders and we´ll effectively improve your active range of motion with scientifically sound stretching methods. This workshop-style session is great fun and you´ll benefit from better body awareness & control, improved athletic performance and genuine injury prevention.