Mats, blocks & blankets are provided as well as filtered water and fresh herbal tea.


COURSE-FEE: Classes are offered based on a sliding scale, inviting everyone to choose from their genuine capacity to pay between €12 / €15 / 18€.



ANIMALFLOW® (Mon) -- Eloisa +351 926 095 996

FLOW YOGA (Tue) & YIN FLOW (Thu)-- Elena +351 912 388 044

ASHTANGA VINYASA (Wed & Sat) --  Lorraine +352 661 666 352

EMBODIED YIN (Wed) -- Klaudia +48 662 647 306

VINYASA YOGA (Thu) -- Natalie +351 915 675 094

YOGA & MOBILITY (Fri) -- Daniel +351 969139951

ANIMALFLOW® with Eloisa. A dynamic and fluid, demanding and fun workout - suitable for everyone who is looking for a more global training to improve their range of motion & coordination. You will become aware of your body´s natural mobility, increase power, strength and flexibility. Above all this session is for you if you like to play and move, have fun and enjoy your body with confidence and freedom.

FLOW YOGA with Elena. A fluid Vinyasa class, made for exploration and fun on the mat.

Based on the Vinyasa principle of breath-movement synchronisation and smooth transitions, we use this class to consecutively open and strengthen the body, explore our range of motion and become un-stuck in tight areas. Expect intentionally sequenced sessions themed around changing topics, and detailed cues for every move, so that you can switch off the mind and dive into your body.

Creative and Energizing. Everyone is welcome, no expectations, no limitations!

ASHTANGA VINYASA with Lorraine. We will move with the breath in a dynamic flowing sequence, exploring the grounding asanas of the primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Sun salutations, standing poses, seated asanas of the primary series & closing postures). An invigorating and grounding class, which purifies and strengthens the body and nervous system, as well as developing inner strength, flexibility & overall wellbeing. The class is open to complete beginners as well as experienced practitioners. There will be options for each pose to accommodate all levels and body types.

YIN FLOW with Elena. A session for the slow, the subtle and the deep. We combine a gentle Vinyasa Flow with a nourishing Yin practice. Following the principles of Yin and Yang we are working on the fine line between movement and stillness, activation and relaxation, muscle and tissue. In this class, you have time to observe, question, and feel all that is ready to emerge while holding a constructive, somatic awareness of yourself to find what is right for you. Relaxing and intuitive. Come as you are!

EMBODIED YIN with Klaudia. EMBODIED YIN is a combination of relaxing, restorative yoga and intuitive movement. Inviting you to slow down and rejuvenate, encouraging you to meet yourself in what is present at this very moment. Through yoga postures, coscirous work with the breath and self massage techniques we are tuning into the energies of the current season. Through somatic practices you connect deeply with the physical & energetic body and learn how to regulate your nervous system, manage stress and eliminate tensions. Everyone can join this class!

VINYASA YOGA with Natalie is a strong, guided Vinyasa class that weaves breath-synchronised movement with challenging postures using the Quantum Yoga principles (designed to regulate the Ayurvedic Doshas). With a focus on alignment, fluid transitions and balancing asanas, this is an opportunity to focus the mind and work the body in order to up-level your physical practice.

YOGA & MOBILITY with DanielThis blend of functional stretches, core exercises and yoga asanas is perfect for athletes & office warriors alike. We focus on precise alignment of body and smart extension of breath in order for everyone to learn the most effective ways to regulate the nervous system while safely improving flexibility and deep strength.