about us.

Chelan Freeman is a Yoga teacher who is dedicated to the discovery of living wholeheartedly and becoming intimate with the totality of life. She has been teaching Yoga & movement practices in studios & on retreats since 2011. Her heart is rooted in exploring the bodies innate wisdom & potential for healing. Focusing on the profound effects of movement, breathwork, self-regulation and meditation, Chelan welcomes practitioners of all levels to step closer towards yourself to explore, sense and feel your entire being while being held by the ancient practice of Yoga.

Maria Reich  is a certified yoga teacher from Berlin where she has been teaching full time with all her heart for more than 5 years. She practices yoga every morning to get into the flow and to connect with spirit. Depth, truth and connection is what she seeks and wants to embrace with her students. Her yoga style is inspired by Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Jivamukti Yoga. She is also a professional guide & mentor helping her clients through big shifts in life using her clairvoyant abilities as well as her knowledge about transformative energy work.

Ramona Faas is a sports scientist with the profile in health care and she has been a Pilates instructor since 2016. Sports, movement and a healthy lifestyle are important parts of her life and it is her great passion to share this enthusiasm with others and motivate them to exercise. When she is not teaching, you can usually find her in the water because another big passion of hers is the sea - swimming and surfing.

Celine Otten is a biologist, school teacher and a certified yoga teacher and thai yoga bodyworker. Her yoga path started back in 2005 with Kundalini Yoga and continued later with Vinyasa Yoga where she received a teaching certificate in 2016. Celine has been teaching back home in Germany as well as in Portugal.  Lately she started exploring the nourishing side of slowness in movement with yin yoga and bodywork. On this quest she also discovered the magic of traditional chinese medicine and developed a keen interest in qigong. With great diversity in her background she´s now sharing a beautifully balanced practice that blends different methods to bring body and mind into a healthy and holistic movement.

Haripriya is a Sivananda Hatha Yoga teacher and a certified OSHO Active Meditations® facilitator. During 2 years of spiritual journey in Asia she also stayed for some time at the Osho Ashrams in India. Here she discovered the active meditations. After years of trying & struggling with different styles of meditations active Osho´s meditations led to a breakthrough in her practice. Ever since she has been passionate about sharing the gift of this method. “I love the diversity - relaxing, joyful, intense, calm, releasing, fun… Osho Active Meditations® will give you exactly that while still bringing you to that peaceful, recentred and grounded space”.

Daniel Schudt is a certified massage therapist, FRC® Mobility trainer and yoga instructor. He started practicing yoga in 2004 and has been travelling to India and many other countries to deepen is studies ever since. Being on the mat every morning for some movement, breathwork & meditation is key for setting the tone for the day. His connection to the therapeutic use of yoga and the desire to learn all about the western, more scientifically rooted re- and prehab exercises started after a serious sports injury many years ago and continues to grow as longevity in surfing, his second big passion, is getting more and more important. Daniel loves sharing his knowledge & experience in group classes and 1:1 work. He is the co-creator & owner of the Dawn Collective Shala.