about us.

Klaudia Kwoka - EMBOBIED YIN. "The work that heals you is the work you end up doing in the World". This sentence sums up why Klaudia entered the path of mind-body approaches to well being. Over the years yoga, breath-work, and therapeutic massage have become central in her life, serving as tools that she now shares in her work. Currently she is deepening her knowledge about somatic practices and the nervous system that helps her to design a yoga class that offers comprehensive support and integration. She is sharing knowledge that is meaningful to her. Through her work she wants to serve people whose needs and desires focus on the well being of their body and mind and who are open to discover how strong this connection is.

Daniel Schudt - MOBILITY TRAINING & SPORTS MASSAGE. Daniel is passionate about contemporary mobility training, an approach that emphasizes deep strength as much as flexibility and is based in scientific research. Coming from an Ashtanga Yoga background he is still applying the tools of the yoga system to regulate the nervous system, improve physical health and energy levels. "Doing a few yoga stretches and breathwork is still my favourite way to prepare for the day and invite flow." He is as a massage therapist, FRC® Mobility trainer and yoga instructor who started practicing yoga in 2005. Ever since he has been travelling a lot, deepening his studies with renowned teachers. Daniel is co-founder of the Dawn Collective Shala. Find out more about his work here.

Eloisa Diaz - ANIMALFLOW®. Eloisa was born in Palma de Mallorca and grew up in Andalusia. Since she was very Eloisa was attracted to the artistic world and worked professionally in the world of theater for many years. Yoga entered her life as a means to balance the busy life of travel and work and after dedicating herself to a yoga practice for several years she decided to fully integrate this path into her life and career. Eloisas curiosity for the human body led her to approach new disciplines and body awareness to understand how we can move more and better. Today she´s passionately sharing her experience  in rediscovering the body´s natural mobility and strength through conscious movement practices.

Zerina Karup - KUNDALINI YOGA. Zerina is a certified massage therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher (including for fertility, pregnancy and post-partum) and a Somatic Stress Release practitioner. She is passionate about guiding people to drop out of their minds and into the intuitive wisdom of their bodies. Zerina believes that the more we are in relationship to what is present in our felt sense, the more we are able to adapt to, respond to and resolve it.

Kundalini Yoga, Myofascial Meridian Massage and Intuitive Movement are Zerina's favourite tools to step into a more authentic, embodied and empowered way of living. Learn more about Zerina on her website

Natalie Fox - VINYASA FLOW. Natalie loves yoga as a pathway to more acceptance, resilience and awareness - especially in relation to self, to nature and connecting with the Ocean. In her classes she utilises the physical and mental benefits of yoga to also support flow-based sports like surfing. She is a 450hr trained yoga teacher & holistic surf coach with more than a decade of teaching experience in yoga-surf retreat settings around the World. Find out more about Natalie and her work as a yoga & surf teacher and ocean advocate on her website.

Elena Orth - FLOW YOGA. Elena is a big believer in fusion. She is a 650h certified Yoga teacher, licensed architect and Shiatsu practitioner. Over her decade in teaching and living in various locations around the world, from European cities to the jungles of Sri Lanka, she has discovered that life is best lived combining your areas of expertise and embracing the spaces in-between.In her classes, she blends her experience from her Vinyasa-, Ashtanga-, Yin-, and Rocket trainings into a journey on the mat that allows her students to explore the range of motion in the body but also in the mind, always nudging towards trying out different perspectives - between structure and freedom, strength and release, action and surrender. She has recently released her first online Yoga program, which revolves around building stress-resilience and nervous system regulation. Find out more on her website.

Lorraine Hegarty - ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA. Lorraine is a strong believer in a regular / daily yoga practice. Coming to the mat every day to breathe & move can help to ground you and bring more focus & clarity into your life. This is having a profound effect on the way you present yourself to the world and the way you live through all experiences & challenges. She is a passionate yogi & certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher (300h) who has been practising Ashtanga for more than a decade and continues to deepen her studies and who is dedicated to her daily morning practice. Learn more about Lorraine on her Instagram-Account.

Caroline Pont  - OSTEOPATHY. Caroline is a passionate osteopath who got her diploma after the 5-year study at Isostéo in Lyon, France in 2013. She has followed different trainings in posturology, maternity, infants and children and established her own successful clinic in France with 4500+ patients. 


Caroline is also a yoga teacher and a certified RMTi (Rhythmic Movement Training international) consultant. This education in primitive reflex integration improves the brain, strengthens neural connections to establish new physical, cognitive or emotional skills.