about us.

Daniel Schudt is a certified massage therapist, yoga teacher, FRC® Mobility trainer and dedicated surfer. He´s been practicing yoga since 2004 and is teaching since 2009. His passion for meditation & pranayama as well as for a therapeutic application of yoga postures and scientifically based movement exercises started after an injury many years ago. With his knowledge and more than 15 years of experience in holistic bodywork he makes everyone feel comfortable & safe in class. Daniel is co-creator of the Dawn Collective Shala where he offers treatments, personal training and group classes. 

Annette Hartwig is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, MindBody-Therapy-Practitioner (in training) and FRC® Mobility specialist. She teaches Yoga worldwide since more than 2 decades and is a longterm student & assistant of Dena Kingsberg. Various in- depth-studies with Richard Freeman, Clive Sheridan, Emil Wendel and Scott Lyons have been influencing & enriching her own practice. Annette’s emphasis of being present in each moment invites a nurturing space filled with honesty and compassion where genuine change is possible and the deeper aspects of the practice can naturally unfold. She is director & co-founder of yogabija, a platform for yoga retreats & workshops in Europe and the co-creator of the Dawn Collective Yoga Shala in Arrifana, Portugal. .

Catarina Silva is a Yoga teacher and Balinese massage therapist. Originally from Portugal, she started her Yoga practice in 2008. After moving to Amsterdam, she explored other styles of this beautiful practice and decided to take a teacher training (200 h Hatha-Vinyasa in Kerala, south of India). Since then Cata has been living between Amsterdam and South East Asia, teaching and studiyng Yoga. She has been trained also in Yoga Nidra (20 h, Amsterdam) and Yin Yoga (100 h, Bali) and she loves the restorative practices and the benefits of finding the balance of the Yin and Yang in our lives. 

Regina Ehlers has been a yoga practitioner since 1992. After learning the Iyengar method she gained an appreciation of the meditative flow of postures in Ashtanga Yoga. Having studied with Sri K Pattabhi Jois & Sharath Rangaswami in Mysore for several years she was authorized to teach this method. She taught in her hometown São Paulo & in Goa for many years before coming to live in Portugal. For her the meaning of this practice lies in the nourishing and empowering mindful quality and this is what she looks to share with her students in her open Mysore classes. 

Cosima Julia Bachler loves to explore life through movement and the body. She is trained by David Life & Shannon Gannon (300h Jivamukti Yoga-TT) and is a Thai Yoga massage therapist. Her classes include well selected playlists, smart sequencing & spot-on physical assists. Cosima has been teaching since 2015 in Vienna, NYC and Beirut. Cosima teaches Vinyasa Flow classes at the Dawn Collective Shala.

Daniel Worsley is a yoga teacher and holistic counsellor. He grew up in South Africa and spent most of his life pursuing his dream of becoming a professional athlete. After a career ending injury left him with no goals, no dreams, and most importantly, no identity he set off on a mission to understand and overcome these struggles. He moved to Australia in 2011 where he completed a 3 year study to become a Certified Holistic Counsellor. Daniel also got introduced to the practice of Yoga during this time and joined a teacher training in Traditional Vedantic Hatha Yoga in India. Before his arrival in Portugal he was part of the production team for the documentary “Chasing The Present”. On this 3-year journey around the world he also met his teacher with whom he deepened his studies in Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, which is what he teaches now at the dawn collective shala.

Mieke Geschiere finds joy and satisfaction in guiding people towards personal growth. Since 2000 she studies human behaviour, wellbeing and self-empowerment. Mieke is curious about life, meeting and working with people from different backgrounds. She found in Yin Yoga a beautiful tool that helps us increasing our physical & mental health. Before arriving in Portugal Mieke worked with climbers, elderly people and yogis in Patagonia. She guides her students to connect with themselves, to get to know themselves better, in order to make choices that will increase their personal wellbeing, during the class and when they step off their yogamat.

Catarina Ferreira is a yoga teacher originally from Portugal who discovered this practice in 2011 after moving to London. She has completed 500 hours of advanced teacher training in Ashtanga, Rocket, Mandala and Yin Yoga with her teachers Jamie and Dulce at The Yoga People. She teaches full time since 2016, incorporating the different styles and working closely with chakra and elemental theories. Seeing herself as an eternal student, Catarina continues to build her trainings, completing 85 hours of Pregnancy Yoga with Sally Parkes. She also has been trained in Sound Healing which she loves to incorporate in her classes. Catarina teaches Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga at the Dawn Collective Shala.