about us.

Chelan Freeman - YOGA FLOW. Chelan is a yoga teacher who is dedicated to the discovery of living wholeheartedly and becoming intimate with the totality of life. She has been teaching Yoga & movement practices in studios & on retreats since 2011. Her heart is rooted in exploring the bodies innate wisdom & potential for healing. Focusing on the profound effects of movement, breathwork, self-regulation and meditation, Chelan welcomes practitioners of all levels to step closer towards yourself to explore, sense and feel your entire being while being held by the ancient practice of Yoga. Learn more about Chelan on her IG-Account.

Natalie Fox - SLOW FLOW. Natalie is a 450hr trained yoga teacher with 12 years experience teaching in yoga surf retreat settings around the World.  She spent recent years moving between the French Alps and the Atlantic Ocean, her classes utilising the physical and mental benefits of yoga to support flow based sports, specifically surfing and snowboarding. Now, based in Portugal full time, she is grateful to have access to such an incredible coastline. She considers yoga to be a pathway to more acceptance, resilience and awareness, especially in relation to nature and connecting with the Ocean. Find out more about Natalie and offerings as a yoga teacher, ocean advocate and holistic surf coach on her website.

Maria Reich - VINYASA FLOW & YIN YOGA. Maria is a 500H certified yoga teacher from Berlin where she was teaching yoga full time since 2016 until she moved to Portugal. She practices yoga every morning to get into the flow and to connect with spirit. Depth, truth and connection is what she seeks and wants to embrace with her students. Meanwhile her second profession is Energy Field Coaching and consultation during major life events – a practice in which she helps her clients transforming and rising their subtle energy field for the next level in their professional and personal life. Find out more about Maria and her offerings as a yoga teacher and coach on her website.

Lorraine Hegarty - ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA. Lorraine Hegarty is a passionate & dedicated yogi & certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher (300h). She has been practising Ashtanga for a decade and continues to deepen her practice with a dedicated daily morning practice. Lorraine believes that a regular yoga practice can help students to navigate through life.

Coming to the mat each day to breathe and move can help to ground them and bring focus and clarity into their lives, having a profound effect on the way they present themselves to the world and the way they live through the experiences they are confronted with in their daily lives. Learn more about Lorraine on her IG-Account.

Agnieszka Szelejak - KUNDALINI YOGA. Agnieszka is a Kundalini & Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher for people that embrace the holistic approach of vitality and wellness, and want to create more personal empowerment and spiritual connection in their life. Her students can meet their longing for more connection with self, a vitality that comes online and clarity of who they are as person and spiritual being. In her lessons she applies Kundalini Yoga as a grounded, energetical and sometimes soothing tool to help people align their mind, heart, body and soul. She just wants you to remember that you are beautiful, talented and loved! And that there’s a voice within you that you can always tap into, through applying of Kundalini Yoga technology: a mix of breath-work, dynamic movement, powerful meditations, mantra and much more. Essentially all the elements of yoga in ONE. Find out more about Agnieszka and what she´s offering on her website.

Daniel Schudt - MOBILITY TRAINING. Daniel is a massage therapist, FRC® Mobility trainer and yoga instructor. He started practicing yoga in 2005 and has been travelling to India and many other countries to deepen is studies ever since. "Being on the mat every morning for a few gentle yoga moves & stretches plus breathwork and meditation is key for getting ready for the day and inviting some flow." Along with his passion for mindful movement & energy-work grew his interest in the therapeutic application of yoga and in the western science of re- and prehabilitation. Daniel is co-founder and director of the Dawn Collective Shala and you can learn more about him, his services and online training videos at www.Surfers-Health.com.