yoga workshops & retreats.

Yoga Immersion - The Seed. With Annette Hartwig

September 28 - October 06.   


This unique 45hr training is for yoga teachers, practitioners and everyone who is curious to deepen their experience of yoga. A space for holistic exploration, a transformative journey and an enquiry into being. Practicing to hold space for ourselves, so that we then can do it for others. Read more 

Mysore Intensive Program with Annette Hartwig.

June 8 - 12. // August 31 - September 4 // 

September 7 - 11 //


The Mysore Intensive Program is for everyone longing for a heartfelt connection, some collective rest and a transformative journey. Join Annette who creates a nurturing space filled with honesty and compassion. Read more 

Ashtanga Yoga Workshops with Petri Räisänen.

September 13 - 18 & September 20 - 25.


We are happy to welcome Petri at the Dawn Collective Yoga Shala. Join us for a peaceful & meditative atmosphere in the Mysore room. More info